3 Things: Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullally Hunt

Fish in a Tree

  1. Poor Ally. So many times, I wanted to scream at her “Just say what you’re thinking!” She thought the right things all the time, but she couldn’t tell anyone how she felt. That would’ve solved so many problems so much sooner!
  2. Mr. Daniels! Oh, I loved Mr. Daniels.
  3. Travis’ storyline just broke my heart. To be in high school and know he can’t read well… to know how far behind you are and see so many roadblocks ahead of you… I’m so glad he agreed to work with Mr. Daniels.

And look!! It’s Ally’s Sketchbook of Impossible Things!

What is this whole “3 Things” thing about? Read more here.

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