3 Things: The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


  1. I love that Rachel is such a mess. She’s a complete alcoholic, which makes her a totally unreliable narrator. She literally doesn’t remember half the things she does; of course you can’t trust her judgment.
  2. It took quite a while (probably longer than it should have) for me to realize who actually killed Megan. I loved that! Scott scared the crap out of me every time Rachel was around him. I love that in the end, it wasn’t Scott who did it, even though he was deeply flawed and violent. He totally could’ve done it.
  3. Anna and Rachel. They really could’ve been BFFFs, in another universe or something. If Anna weren’t such a raging bitch, I mean. Still. Definitely got a vibe from those two.

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