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What kind of question is that?

For heaven’s sake, what kind of question is that? Would you want to be friends with  Humbert Humbert? Would you want to be friends with Mickey Sabbath? Saleem Sinai? Hamlet? Krapp? Oedipus? Oscar Wao? Antigone? Raskolnikov? Any of the characters in The Corrections? Any of the characters in Infinite Jest? Any of the characters in anything Pynchon has ever written? Or Martin Amis? Or Orhan Pamuk? Or Alice Munro, for that matter? If you’re reading to find friends, you’re in  ...

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The Woman Upstairs

I hovered between two stars and three stars for a minute before I rated this book. To me, three stars is a decent book; two means I didn’t really like it. I did like this one, in a lot of ways. I feel like the story itself is decent – haven’t we all had those relationships that are so all-encompassing that we can’t stop thinking about them? And especially unreciprocated ones. I can so relate to that, but I feel like it was executed somewhat poorly. I like that the  ...

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