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Cathy Ames, East of Eden

I love Cathy Ames. Despite the fact that she’s completely horrible, I still love her character. She’s the first one I chose when I decided to do a Book Style post. I think that when it comes to fashion, more than anything, Cathy is classy. I chose a black midi skirt to start with, with a soft, chunky knit sweater. It shows that while she runs the house, her services aren’t for sale, so she doesn’t have to dress for her customers. I thought that the lace-up booties  ...

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East of Eden

Wow. This book was spectacular. I’ve been avoiding writing a review for a while, because I don’t really know what to say. That happens to me often when books are so expansive. This one covered literally decades, with two different families, and at least a few generations of each. It was… well, yeah. Expansive. I’m going to focus on characters, since the story really is character-driven. I loved Sam Hamilton. He was the epitome of good, and I loved him for that. I  ...

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Quotes, Thoughts

The half-wit

“At length a bumbling hairy half-wit was brought in for questioning. He was a fine candidate for hanging because not only did he have no alibis, he could not remember what he had done at anytime in his life. His feeble mind sensed that these questioners wanted something of him and, being a friendly creature, he tried to give it to them. When a baited and set question was offered to him, he walked happily into the trap and was glad when the constable looked happy. He tried manfully to  ...

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