The Dreamers, Karen Thompson Walker

“And so, maybe, in a way, Ben can see what’s coming:

His girl will love and be loved. She will suffer, and she will cause suffering. She will be known and unknown. She will be content and discontented. She will sometimes be lonely and sometimes less so. She will dream and be dreamed of. She will grieve and be grieved for. She will struggle and triumph and fail. There will be days of spectacular beauty, sublime and unearned. There will be moments of rapture. She will sometimes feel afraid.

The sun will warm her face. The earth will ground her body.

And her heart—now thrumming strong and steady, against her father’s chest, as he rocks her to sleep on a porch swing one evening in early summer, at the very start of a life—that heart: it will beat, and it will someday cease to beat.

And so much of this life will remain always beyond her understanding, as obscure as the landscapes of someone else’s dreams.”

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