Vox | Christina Dalcher

One sentence: 

This is such a good book, but it’s terrifying because I feel like it’s our future. 

Three thoughts:

  • The science got to be a bit much for me from time to time, but ultimately it was understandable.
  • The concept of aphasia is terrifying. Now I have another thing to worry about!
  • I love how this book started right in the middle of all the action instead of starting slowly.


  • Characters: 5/5 – Jean was great. Strong, bold, and brave. I didn’t like Patrick’s characterization. I thought he was really made into too much of a wimp – and Jean certainly made it clear that she thought so too – but HE WAS THE ONE WHO DID THE THING. He literally died for the cause. He deserved better from Jean.
  • Plot: 5/5 – It’s a cautionary tale for the Trump era.
  • Setting: 5/5 – Dalcher does a great job of making this realistic; it can and is happening RIGHT NOW, right here.
  • Style/Voice: 5/5 – The first person perspective from Jean’s point of view meant you literally couldn’t look away from what was happening. I loved being in her head, too. She’s kind of a bad ass.
  • Theme: 5/5 – Half the population is being oppressed (and let’s be serious, we all know it ain’t only the women, so more than half). How do you fight back when the people who are supposed to help are in on the corruption? It’s terrifying and it makes you wonder what you’d actually do in that situation. God knows we might all find out soon enough.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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