Sometimes I Lie | Alice Feeney

One sentence: 

Like, what the hell?

Three thoughts:

  • I came away from this book so confused, and apparently I’m not the only one.
  • I am definitely reading the sequel, if there ever is one.
  • This book is full – FULL – of terrible people!


  • Characters: 4/5. Wow, what a bunch of terrible people. But also, like, are they??? What’s the truth here? I was totally fine with Amber, then I hated her, then I felt terrible for her, and now I’m like wait, what the fuck? And it’s basically like that for ALL the characters. I still don’t actually know who to believe about what. 😩 Does that mean they should get a lower rating? Or does it mean the author was really good? I don’t know, but I know she’s good at writing evil people.
  • Plot: 5/5. This is like the twistiest novel of all the novels out there. Again, I’m still not sure what even happened. Honestly, I need to read it again now that I know what (I think) I know, but regardless, yes, it’s one hell of a plot.
  • Setting: 4/5. The hospital bed of a comatose patient is an interesting setting, I think. People living in other peoples’ childhood homes definitely threw some twists in there, too.
  • Style/Voice: 4/5. I’m so tickled by the reveal regarding the journal entries. That just flipped everything upside down, and I love that. So clever. Honestly, this is just a personal thing, but I probably would have given this category a five out of five if the author hadn’t used the word “raped” to mean destroyed or something. That just bothers me a bit.
  • Likeability: 5/5. Likeability rather than theme, for this one, because what could that theme have possibly even been? At any rate, I very much enjoyed it.

Overall Rating: 4.4/5.0

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