The Last Mrs. Parrish | Liv Constantine

One sentence: 

It had its weaknesses, but it was definitely still a page-turner.

Three thoughts:

  • I was really turned off at first by his unrealistic some parts of the relationships were, and the dialogue wasn’t great.
  • I’ve been waiting to read this for a while, and even with the issues I had, it still lived up to the hype.
  • Never heard of Liv Constantine before now but based on this book, I’ll read more of her stuff.


  • Characters: 4/5. I had to really think a bit before judging this. I didn’t like the characters, and at first I was skeptical. Daphne seemed way too willing to let Amber in, her kids were assholes, it all just seemed weirdly written. LITTLE DID I KNOW. Amber was a terrible person and so was the husband. I think the characters were fairly well-developed, but just weren’t written very well.
  • Plot: 5/5. Oh this was good. I didn’t see it coming for a second. I saw SOMETHING coming, but I had no idea what it was.
  • Setting: 4/5. I think that the rich New Yorker lifestyle definitely added to the plot. Of course Amber wants in. Who wouldn’t? The garishness of the house is very fitting for the husband (I can’t remember his name!) and I wasn’t surprised, in the end, that Daphne wasn’t down for all that.
  • Style/Voice: 2/5. This is the weak point of the whole book. The dialogue was written very poorly. People just don’t speak that formally! It was also all a bit rushed and felt sort of like something a beginning author would write. Maybe Liv Constantine is a beginning author, I don’t know.
  • Theme: 5/5. I mean, they all got what they deserved. 

Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0

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