Year of Yes

I really enjoyed this book. A lot.

But Shonda Rhimes uses this weird sentence construction all the time. That thing where a person starts a sentence with a question when it really shouldn’t be a question.

Let me give you some examples from Shonda herself.

“My mother? Looks incredible.”
“And that yes? Turned out to be something much more terrifying.”

I could keep going. I really could. I counted as I read, and she did it 69 times. But you get the idea.

She also says the kind of things that drive me crazy:

“Am I kidding me?”
“I give good story.”
“I had to drink about it.”

I don’t know why it drives me crazy, but it does.

But despite all of that, I really liked this book. Rhimes is a wildly successful woman who shares the same insecurities and worries as everybody else. Her decision to say yes to everything that scared her was terrifying for her, but she did it anyway, because she wanted to grow.

I love that she was open about her weight, and her nervousness during interviews. I love that she admitted to using “Athlete Talk.” I love that she wasn’t satisfied where she was – even after “owning Thursday nights” – and she did what she needed to do to improve herself and her life, because she wanted to.

And if I can ignore that writing style that reads like nails on a chalkboard to me, because I just can’t stop reading? Then it’s a good book.

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